Privacy Policy

1. Collection and Use of Information

(1) For the purposes of providing you with services in such manners as account creation, user identification, query response and e-mail, improving the performance and appearance of the software, recommending new functions/new products and so on, BHU Networks will ask for your personal information (including but not limited to your name, your Tel number and your e-mail), and will collect other information related to you.
(2) The user experience improvement plan of BHU Networks is a plan for diagnosing the system problems and optimizing the product experience based on the statistics of the data used. We will collect the information generated when you use the product of BHU Networks by use of a special tool. We just accumulate the overall use information of all the users in the user experience improvement rather than recording or uploading any content related to your personal identity information. With the upgrade of the subsequent versions of the BHU Networks products, our collection range may change, and your behavior of downloading/installing/using the subsequent versions on your own BHU Networks product will be considered as your agreement on the related changes at that time.
(3) BHU Networks might combine the information you submitted through your own account with the information of other services of BHU Networks or the third parties so as to provide you with better experience and improve the quality of service of BHU Networks.。
(4) The products and services of BHU Networks possibly contain the links or information of the products and/or services of the third parties. If you fill in your personal information on other platforms or submit/release via third-party applications, the third parties are likely to get your information. The third-party applications might have their corresponding privacy policy stipulations, please look through them and think over clearly before providing the personal information. The privacy policy is not suitable for the behaviors of the third parties collecting your information, because BHU Networks is unable to control the behaviors of the third parties, and therefore, BHU Networks is not responsible for the behaviors of the third parties collecting and using your information.
(5) BHU Networks will collect and use your information by strictly complying the related laws and regulations and the contents stated clearly in the privacy policy. The specific working personnel of BHU Networks will not directly ask for your personal information unless an official authorization document issued by BHU Networks can be presented. In this case, you can directly contact with BHU Networks.

2. Disclosure of Information

(1) Except exceptional cases stipulated by laws and regulations, required by the government sector or stated clearly in the privacy policy, BHU Networks will keep your information properly without leaking.
(2) Herein you authorize so that BHU Networks can disclose you information to the third parties without your agreement in the following cases:

    (a) if the information disclosed by BHU Networks is necessary for identifying, contacting or take a legal action against the behaviors possible to cause damage to the rights or the properties of BHU Networks, the website users or any other person (including the rights and the properties of any other person).

    (b) BHU Networks provides the personal information to the related parties of BHU Networks or other enterprises or individuals having cooperative relationship with BHU Networks so that they can handle the information on behalf of or by assisting BHU Networks. BHU Networks requires that each above-mentioned party should agree to handle the information according to the stipulations of BHU Networks, the privacy policy and the stipulations of the related laws and regulations.

3. Information Security

(1) BHU Networks will make reasonable efforts to guarantee your information security under the circumstance that you ought to know that BHU Networks is unable to completely avoid the risks related to the personal information security (in particular, cases that BHU Networks cannot control, such as force majeure or the reasons of the third parties); as a result, BHU Networks is unable to make any definite guarantee or promise on the maintenance or confidentiality of the private information. If BHU Networks knows that the data obtained and stored by itself are damaged or the nonpublic information of the users are disclosed to unrelated third parties due to external behaviors (including but not limited to external security attacks), BHU Networks will still take reasonable measures that BHU Networks regards as being appropriate (including but not limited to internal investigation, reporting and notifying the enforcing authority and cooperating with the work of the enforcing authority) although the policy contains other exemption stipulations. Meanwhile, BHU Networks also will take illegal and reasonable measures to notice the related users of their disclosed information and the degree of knowing of BHU Networks on the information under the circumstances that BHU Networks regards as being appropriate.
(2) You ought to pay attention to the protection of your personal information security. For example, please do not leak out your personal password and so on.
(3) BHU Networks will take necessary means and try hard to prevent the internal employees from exceeding their authority to obtain/utilize/leak out your information.

4. Collection and Use of Information of Juveniles

(1) BHU Networks requires the juveniles to use the products or the services of BHU Networks under the permission and guidance of their statutory guardians.
(2) If you're under age, you need to make sure that your have obtained the agreement of your statutory guardian before providing your personal information.

5. Revision of the Privacy Policy

Although the privacy policy states the standards that BHU Networks follows in privacy protection, the standards are likely to change. If any update is released, BHU Networks will notice you of the contents of changes and validity in proper ways that BHU Networks considers when the revised version is released.