Terms of Use

The terms and conditions of use (Terms of Use) are applicable to the official website (website address: www.bhunetworks.com, the website for short) of BHU Networks Co., Ltd. (BHU Networks, the company or we for short). The website is the property of BHU Networks and the approved person thereof. It shows that you agree to the terms of use if you use the website; if you don’t, please do not use the website.

BHU Networks reserves the rights of altering, modifying or deleting partial contents of the terms of use at discretion anytime, of which we may notice you in proper ways. It means that you agree to the alterations if you continue to use the website after the alteration information is released. If you comply with the terms of use, BHU Networks grants you a personal, non-exclusive, unalienable and limited right to log in and use the website.


All the characters, charts, user interfaces, visual interface, pictures, trademarks, logos, voices, music, art works and computer codes (together called contents) include, but are not limited to, the designs, structures, choices, coordination, expressions, interface appearances, ranking and the like of the contents, all possessed by BHU Networks or permitted to be used by BHU Networks and protected by Copyright Law, Patent Law, Trademark Act, various other intellectual property laws and so on.

Apart from the explicit stipulations of the terms of use, you are not allowed to publish, issue, or copy, reproduce, reprint, upload, release, publicly present, code, translate, transmit or spread, in any pattern (including mirroring) for any other business objective, any part and any content of the website to any other computer, server, website or other media with express prior written consent of BHU Networks.

Warranty Period

The warranty period of the products of BHU Networks is 12 months, starting from the date when you receive the products (hereinafter referred to as receiving).

How to Use the Website

Your are not allowed to access, obtain, copy or monitor any part or any content of the website by use of any deep link, grabbing page, robot, spider or other automatic devices, programs, algorithms and methods or any similar or same manual programs, or copy or avoid the navigation structure of introduction of the website or any content in any way and obtain or try to obtain any data, file or information in any way not provided by the website. BHU Networks has the right to forbid any such behavior.

You are forbidden to access any part or function of the website without authorization, or link to the website or any other system or network of any BHU Networks server, or gain any service provided by the website without authorization, by unlawfully intruding or cracking password or in any other illegal way.

You are forbidden to explore, scan or test the weaknesses of the website or any network linked to the website, and also forbidden to violate the security or authentication measures of any network of the website.

You agree not to disturb or try to disturb the normal operation of the website or any transaction conducted on the website, or interfere or try to interfere with other people using the website, by using any device, software or program.

You are forbidden to forge the source of any information or transmission content your submit to BHU Networks through the website by forging the letter head or controlling the identification function in other ways, or forge the source of any service provided by the website. You are not allowed to pretend to be others, pretend to represent others, or imitate any other individual or entity.

Account, Password and Security

You may obtain an ID (hereinafter also called account) after registering to become the user of the official website of the BHU Networks, for some functions or services provided by the website may require you to open an account. You are fully responsible for maintaining the security of the information of your own account, including your password; besides, you are fully responsible for any behavior under your account due to that you fail in maintaining information security and secrecy. You agree to notice BHU Networks of any unauthorized use of your account or password or any other damage to security immediately. You may possibly assume the compensation liability for the loss of any other user or visitor of BHU Networks or the website due to that your account is illegally used by others because you fail in keeping your account information safe and confidential.

Privacy Policy

For any privacy problem involved when you use the services, please visit the official website (website address: www.bhunetworks.com) of BHU Networks to check the complete version of our privacy policy.

Links to Other Websites

The website possibly comprises links (link websites) to other independent third-party websites. The link websites are provided just for convenience for visitors. The link websites are not under control of BHU Networks, and therefore, BHU Networks has no identification on or does not take any responsibility for any information or data of the link websites. You have to independently decide the interaction with the link websites by yourself.


BHU Networks will be committed to provide you with safe and stable first-rate services. However, BHU Networks does not promise no any error or no interruption in the website or any content, service or function of the website; or, you using the website may result in specific results. The website and the contents thereof are provided based on current situations and availability. All the information provided by the website can be altered without notice. BHU Networks does not provide any express or implied guarantee, including any guarantee on correctness, non-infringement, merchantability and applicability. BHU Networks is not responsible for any your action, non-action and behavior to the website and/or any third party related to the use of the services of the BHU Networks. You are fully responsible for your use of the website. If you feel dissatisfied about the website or any content, you may stop using the website or the content.

The disclaimer is applicable to any damage, responsibility or harm caused by any nonperformance, error, negligence, interruption, deletion, defect, operation, transmission delay, computer virus, communication line failure, loss or damage, or unauthorized access, tampering or use (regardless of default, infringement, fault or other causes).

BHU Networks reserves the right of performing any of the following behaviors any time without notice: (1) modifying, suspending or stopping the operation of the website or any part thereof or access to the website or any part thereof based on any reason; (2) modifying or altering the website or any part thereof as well as any appropriate policy or terms; (3) interrupting the operation of the website or any part thereof if necessary during regular or irregular maintenance, error correction or other alternations.


For any request, loss, responsibility, proposition or fee (including counsel fee), put forward by any third party to BHU Networks and due to that you use the website by violating the laws and regulations or the agreement of the terms of use or related, you agree to compensate BHU Networks and its administrative staff, directors, shareholders, predecessors, benefit successors, staff, agents, subsidiary corporations and related parties to prevent them from damage.

Violation of Terms of Use

You agree that, if BHU Networks believes that you violates the terms of use or other agreements or guides possibly related with your use of the website, BHU Networks may device to stop your authority of accessing the website and/or stopping your later access to the website at discretion without notice. You also agree that your any violation of the terms of use is possible to cause irretrievable damages (the damages cannot be made up by monetary compensation) to BHU Networks, and further agree that BHU Networks should obtain any necessary or proper injunctive relief or equivalent relief that BHU Networks considers under such circumstances. The reliefs are complementation to any other reliefs that BHU Networks enjoys according to laws.

You agree that BHU Networks can stop your authority of accessing the website at discretion without notice due to reasons, including (but not limited to): (1) required by the government sector and the judicial office; (2) the suspension or great modification of the website or any service provided by the website; (3) unexpected technical problems.

If BHU Networks takes legal action against you due to your violation of the terms of use, in addition to any other reliefs granted to BHU Networks by laws, BHU Networks has the right of obtaining all reasonable counsel fee and the legal cost, and you agree to pay. You agree that BHU Networks is not responsible for you or any third party if your authority of accessing the website is stopped by BHU Networks due to any violation of the terms of use.

Governing Law; Dispute Resolution

The terms of use and your relationship with BHU Networks will be governed by the laws of China, but conflict rule excluded. You and BHU Networks agree to obey the judicial jurisdiction of the court in the place of BHU Networks.


If any term of the terms of use is adjudged by the court having competent jurisdiction to be invalid or non-executable, the term should be limited or excluded within the minimum necessary range, and is replaced with a new term which is capable of perfectly reflecting the intention of the term of use, so that the term continues to be completely valid.

The terms of use serve as an entire agreement, related with your use of the website, between you and BHU Network, and herein replace and cancel the prior any written or oral agreement or understanding related to the use between you and BHU Network.

BHU Network does not insist on or compulsively demands strict performance of the terms of use, which cannot be considered as that BHU Network gives up on any term or any right of executing the terms of use; besides, any behavior of BHU Network with you or any other third party should not be considered as modification to any stipulation of the terms of use.