Matchless Enthusiast Performance

Qualcomm Atheros 9341 (2.4G)/9344 (5G) high-performance router chip is adopted for the MicroStation version;

In combination with the Qualcomm original SDK developed Kochab embedded platform, the performance of the chip is developed thoroughly.


Consummate Radio Frequency Technology brings wider coverage area with high signal strength

Based on fine metal vibrator 2*2 built-in antenna design

BHU special-skill beam forming smart antenna technology and Skyworks independent onboard signal amplifier (PA) and low-noise amplifier (LNA)

The Tx transmitting power and the Rx receiving sensitivity are effectively improved to the world top level


To See the Unseen; To Reach the Unreachable

The coverage is over 1km and the bridging distance is over 10km


To Control on the Cloud Side

With the cloud side management system (CloudController) based on the BHU Orion development platform,

in combination with an Android mobile side APP,you can operate and manipulate the system easily no matter where you are.