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We just focus on productions instead of operation

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Internet Commercial WiFi Solutions

We provide complete solutions, including complete wireless products, cloud AC, Portal platform, JS advertisement insertion,

big data mining and the like

besides, we have built stable cooperative relationships with a lot of excellent partners in the industry

Safe and Reliable Cloud Side Ability

The cloud AC provides mass devices connection and provides a high-level security guarantee mechanism for the connections so as to ensure no any information leakage from data security to authority management; meanwhile, a Portal data secondary development platform and big data mining are provided

Choice of Many Brilliant Operators

Over 300,000 commercial WiFi devices are deployed in the field

The fault rate is ultralow, and the industrial-grade chipset is durable and reliable

High-density user ports are provided (single radio 120+)

OpenWrt Development Platform

We keep trying and progressing, only for providing perfect commercial WiFi for you

creating your value and matching the most appropriate operating mode for you